Very Shameful Answer given by Reham Khan to Audience

Very Shameful Answer given by Reham Khan to Audience


Reham Khan got fame after getting married to Imran Khan, who is the most celebrated personality of Pakistan. She was a common news anchor or host before that. No one used to knew her. It was Imran Khan who made her popular and now majority of people of Pakistan know her only because of Imran Khan. When Imran Khan decided to get married with Reham Khan, the family of Imran Khan did not second his decision. Many fans and supporters of Imran Khan were also shocked at this strange decision. From the very first day, people thought that its not a good choice.


Very Shameful Answer given by Reham Khan to Audience The marriage survived about only 10 months. There are many reasons of the divorce according to the close friends of both people. Major reason was the interest of Reham Khan in politics. She was taking part in party activities which Imran Khan did not like. Also she was taking money secretly from the leaders of the party for her other projects. People say that she also tried to slap Imran Khan when things got messed up. Now she is using very shameful language on a national television. Who can expect such things from such a lady. She is proving the people right who were not accepting Imran Khan’s decision of marrying her. And her character has raised so many questions now.






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