Kapil Sharma badly insulted by Anu Malik

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Kapil Sharma is one of the most famous comedians India has ever produced. His comedy shows are seen in India and almost in every other country where they can understand the Hindi language. Kapil Sharma started his career from Singing. He participated in many singing shows but he did not even come close to the winning in any of them.



Out of them, one show was Star ya Rockstar. While performing in one episode of the show, Kapil Sharma forgot the lyrics of the song he was singing. And then all the judges insulted him specially Anu Malik. But now same Anu Malik came as a judge of Indian Idol on the show of Kapil Sharma. This is how time changes. So we should never under estimate anyone.



Video Link: http://wp.me/p73Qau-yJ

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