Banned TV Commercial of Pakistan

edit writing online Banned TV Commercial of Pakistan The marketing team of every product or franchise tried its best to get maximum sales and orders for their stuff. For that, they make commercials and get them run on TV channels so that people could see and can buy. For that, they make very unique commercials, so that people can get attracted. Ufone is a cellular network company which makes excellent commercials. They bring something new every time. So majority of the people like their commercials and their marketing team has done a good job in creating those ideas.

view Banned TV Commercial of Pakistan There are many types of commercials. So go for a meaningful message, some for a funny message and others go for some cheap and vulgar way to promote their brand. The commercial shown in the video below is of the honeymoon night when husband goes in the room where wife is sitting on the bed with her head down. He stands in front of wife for a few minutes but he hesitates to stay any further then he goes out of the room and makes a call to his friend. And then he asks him for  a Shaadi Course medicine and then he brings it and takes it and then goes inside the room. This is a very cheap way to promote such stuff when family audiences are watching it on the channels.

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